World Courier Logistics is Vietnam’s leading logistics company specializing in providing  international or domestic sea freight, air freight and express service for both the business and personal effects markets  in more than 200 countries worldwide.


Working towards customer satisfaction with best services is the World Courier aim. We will accomplish this by providing prompt, efficient and reliable services in a wide range of freight forwarding and total logistics solutions that are tailored to your needs.


We are proud to be a company that adheres to the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) and the International Freight Forwarding Association’s (FIATA) standards.

Freight Forwarding World Courier Services Includes:

  • Ocean Cargo Shipment
  • Road Cargo Shipment
  • Air Cargo and Documents Shipment 
  • Sample shipping service from Vietnam to international.
  • Heavy Duty Courier Service, Cheap Courier, FDA Food Courier, Express Courier, Periodic Courier.
  • The service assists individuals and businesses who want to export goods through the world’s largest e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

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Prestigious and professional service:

We will send your cargos promptly and accurately according to the predetermined process with a high-tech GPS to locate them for your convenience through our frequent updates.

All your information and data will be synchronized and kept completely confidential. After the cargos arrive,  World Courier will notify you by SMS so that the recipient can take the initiative to receive the goods and notify you that the order has been successfully received.

We assist with all procedures and documents related to international freight transportation, including contract negotiation, customs clearance, insurance documents, shipment inspection, packing, warehousing, transportation rental, door-to-door delivery, tracking, order management, and so on

We are currently licensed to publish and operate in accordance with the law’s rules. As a result, any commodities prohibited by Vietnamese and international law will not be carried.

Worldwide system:

With a global scale of operations, World Courier now has agents in more than 200 countries around the world. We also have good partnerships with carriers from the air, sea, rail, and inland roads, as well as the most prestigious transport units from domestic to abroad.

International standard quality system:

With a growth rate of over 20%/year, World Courier is gradually becoming a leading logistics service provider in terms of quality systems according to international standards. After many years of operation, we have served hundreds of customers with almost complete satisfaction.

Competitive price in the market:

When compared to other services on the market, World Courier is proud of ourselves to offer the most cost-effective service.. All of our costs are transparently available to customers, when contacting you, you will be quoted for each service.

Especially, when you become our loyal customer, you will receive up to a 50% discount as well as other exclusive offers and after-sales services.

Multimodal transportation: 

Diversified, professional multimodal transportation with a variety of packages to select from that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Commitment to put the customer’s priority first:

All of your inquiries will be answered by our logistics experts, who have many years of experience. With current working equipment and the integration of advanced information technology into the management system, we are able to provide customers with an optimal transportation service, meet their expectations, and add value..

World Courier courier service packages:

  • Door to door (D2D): Direct pickup and delivery.
  • Door to point (D2P): Pick up goods at home. Customers receive goods to the delivery points to pick up goods
  • Point to door (P2D): You send the goods at the delivery point. When the goods arrive, the goods will be delivered to the address.
  • Point to point (P2P): Customers sending and receiving goods must go directly to the delivery points.

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